Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wondering Why Riga's Christmas Market is NOT high on the list like Tallinns'

Is it the location? Is Tallinn closer to the North Pole and the home of Santa Claus - or is Tallinn's ability to organize and market it's product - what makes the Tallinn market appear to come out on top?

Take a look for yourself:  (click link below for more information)



Tallinn Christmas market praised as one of the best in Europe

The Examiner magazine named Tallinn-located Christmas market as one of five most prominent festive markets in Europe.

This market is relatively new – founded in 1991, the article says.

"Tallinn Christmas Market has made a name for itself in Europe as one of the most charming and romantic festivals on the continent. Held in the Estonian capital's beautifully medieval Town Hall Square, its 200,000 visitors a year can't be lying," noted Thorin Engeseth, Portland Europe Travel Examiner, in a review of the best Christmas markets, reports LETA.

The Christmas market in Tallinn's Old Town has a zoo as well, marks the Examiner.

The Tallinn-based market was included in the list along with Nuremberg, Germany, known as the Christkindlesmarkt, Vienna, Austria, for its lively atmosphere and spectacular market, Copenhagen, Denmark, which was titled "unique on this list" due to multiple Christmas markets in different parts of the city, as well as Prague, Czech Republic, for variety of goods on the counter and lots of local specialities.

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