Wednesday, December 8, 2010

JP Morgan Chase the Corporate GRINCH that refused a Christmas gift

I could not have said it better myself... I am canceling my two Chase account. Read more and make your own decision.

War On Christmas: Chase and The Christmas Tree
posted by: Robin Marty

The story goes...
It didn't take Chase Bank long to end up on the War on Christmas's "Naughty" list.  That scrooge of a company forced a poor bank in Texas to take down a customer donated Christmas tree from its business lobby.

Sort of.

The customer who donated the 9-foot flocked artificial tree said Chase and Political Correctness took it.
But hold up on that hunt for secular devils on Southlake Boulevard.
Other Chase banks have Christmas trees. The big New York headquarters has two, from what I see on the Web. The Houston regional office has one.

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Follow Up Story

Bank's Christmas tree removal sparks outrage

Posted Tuesday, Dec. 07, 2010

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